The Good Times Are Rolling in Downtown Lafayette, LA

The city’s downtown revitalization works to attract and retain younger generations. Major changes are happening in downtown Lafayette, Louisiana, and the result is a quality-of-life trifecta that you’re going to want to take advantage of… trust us. Redevelopments continue to bring new businesses, residences, restaurants and music venues, creating a work, live, play lifestyle that’s all within walking distance.

Why I Built My Business in Lafayette, LA, and You Should, Too

Find out why this region is the perfect place to launch a business. Savvy entrepreneurs can’t ignore Lafayette, Louisiana‘s promising future, resources, community support and infrastructure — the quintessential “wants” for starting or growing a business, if you will. In fact, some of the biggest companies in the country have chosen to plant roots in this parish (county), like Acadian Ambulance Service and jewelry equipment supplier Stuller.
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