Here's How Sleep Affects Your Career And Tips To Get Better Sleep

Sleep disorders and sleep deprivation are common challenges that can have lasting implications—affecting your personal and professional life. According to Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Professor and Associate Dean Brian Gunia, “Poor or insufficient sleep can lead to a variety of problematic behaviors, mental and affective health problems, cognitive deficits, and physical illnesses. Each of these issues has the potential to harm the organizations at which they work in many ways.

This Hotel Wants You To Have a Horrible Night’s Sleep

If your idea of a nice weekend away is a terrible night’s sleep and to empower social change, take a trip to Saillon, Switzerland. Swiss conceptual artists and brothers Frank and Patrik Riklin teamed up with Hotelier Daniel Charbonnier to create an anti-idyllic version of their hotel concept. The ‘suite’ without walls or a roof is located between a gas station and a busy intersection and purposefully lacks a door, ceiling, or walls.

Builders + Backers Funding Announcement: Fundid

Access to capital is one of the most common challenges for new entrepreneurs and small business owners, and something that we are intimately familiar with at Builders + Backers. In fact, part of our Idea Accelerator includes up to $5,000 of non-dilutive funding to help our builders take their business ideas to the next level because we know most early-stage entrepreneurs do not have easy access to this type of capital.
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